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What is veterinary nursing?

Veterinary nursing is the care of animals receiving treatment within a veterinary practice.

Vet nursing is a very rewarding career opportunity. Even though it’s a very hands on occupation, Vet Nursing has so many benefits. Each day is a new day interacting with so many animals and their owners.

Working as a vet nurse requires you to be dedicated and a very committed individual who has had voluntary experience with lots of animals. Passion is the key to being a vet nurse, caring and treating animal’s no matter their physical appearance and condition is the required responsibility you must accept.

Veterinary nursing duties

As a veterinary nurse, you must complete many daily duties. These include, carrying out consultations, applying bandages to wounds and fractures, performing a range of diagnostic tests such as blood samples, and dispensing medication and showing owners how to use them correctly.

Knowing your equipment

Veterinary nurses work alongside veterinary doctors or surgeons during animal medical procedures. Therefore, vet nurses should be familiar with specific equipment and instruments. Some of the requested equipment include ultrasound and radiographic machines. General everyday equipment that majority of nurses should be familiar with are thermometers, stethoscopes and otoscopes.

Having experience with this equipment knowledge can really help you in the interview process as you will stand out.

Education and training

Becoming a veterinary nurse, you need to complete a formal qualification in veterinary nursing. TAFE’s across Australia offer the credited course and will help set you up with placement opportunities.

The course overview, will teach you about safe and effective animal care and how to maintain equipment. As well as learning about animal nutrition, grooming and parasite control products.

Veterinary nursing is a very important occupation. The Australian Animal welfare standards and guidelines have become strict in relation to animal cruelty and animal protection.


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