Immunisation Service

Aktrapid’s Immunurse branch offers a fully licenced nurse immunisation service. Whether you just need the nurse or a complete service including the vaccines themselves, we can help!

We currently supply a group of highly skilled immunisation nurses to local councils, schools, medical centres, universities and private businesses. All of our nurse immunisers are registered nurses with their nurse immuniser certificates and extensive experience.

As well as supplying the nurse, Immunurse also has the permits in place to buy, store and administer a range of vaccines. Australian businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to low productivity and sick leave owing to the flu. Quite often staff have every intention of getting vaccinated, but never manage to find the time.

Immunurse can come to your place of business and administer flu vaccinations to your staff while they work (should they wish to participate). The cost can either be passed onto staff or absorbed by the business knowing it will save money in the long run. All of this for around the same price you would pay at your local chemist.

Book your business in early next flu season! April and May book out quickly.

A range of other vaccines such as Tetanus, HPV and MMR can be arranged when booked in advance. What a great service to have present at your next big community event!