Bank Management

Bank Management

Why We Are Changing

Join the changing face of agency usage
– the industry is evolving and we want you to be a part of it.

We often have aged care providers tell us they want to reduce agency usage, there are many reasons providers have this mindset. Price, quality, consistency, service are all issues raised with us when we discuss the agency industry with our clients. When the variables are combined, standard agency is not sustainable.

Aktrapid needed to come up with a solution to the mounting problems in the industry and provide aged care providers with an alternative to standard aged care. Aktrapid’s mission has to always provide a premier service to our clients and employment to our brilliant nurses. With this mission in mind our dedicated team have created a solution that fits the aged care industry and provide a competitive alternative to typical agency. We are providing a choice, with this comes competition and better outcomes for you the provider.

A lot of damage has been done to the industry through overpricing services and hiring underqualified nurses to work as temp staff. Agencies damaged in the industry so It’s our duty to restore confidence.

What is Bank Management

Bank Management is a centralised rostering service that aims to utilise the casual banks of your facilities. Our clients notice an immediate reduction in agency use with the aim being to reduce annual agency costs to zero.

Aktrapid is taking standard agency and flipping it on its head; we will work for you, provide highly qualified nurses to your bank, handle rosters and manage the time sheeting for all casual staff, across all facilities. This focus on sharing casual between facilities to fill gaps that would usually be filled by agency is something no other agencies will offer to you. Perhaps it sounds counterintuitive to reduce agency usage but this is our difference, we focus on long term relationships built on trust not bleeding the industry for money.

Aktrapid will actively work with your facilities to find out the philosophies and nuances of your company and find qualified and experienced staff match your facilities, all of this, is part of our service; do not expect to be slugged with large recruitment fees for the nurses we find.

You will have complete access to our online systems including rostering, support 24/7 from our staff and your own consultants.

This is a long-term, sustainable solution to typical agency that allows you to better manage staff and increase levels of care to residents. We should be charging the industry a ton for this idea and service, if we did, we would become what we hate, alternatively we will tailor this to your budget and ensure employment costs are reduced year on year.

What We Acheive

  • Bank management WILL reduce your agency usage. And is a proven long term solution to reduce agency to ZERO.
  • Aktrapid will assist your recruitment of staff including full access to our systems and handpicked staff delivered to your facility to offer employment
  • Manage all rosters and last minute changes and communicate these constantly with facility managers.
  • Market confidence, research shows that families are more at ease when they are certain their loved ones receive consistent care from regular nurses.

What We Avoid

A major motivator for this concept was to provide choice for the industry. Standard aged care agencies have held to ransom aged care facilities for too long and we provide a fool-proof solution for a fraction of the cost.

This will also avoid underqualified staff arriving at your facilities. Anyone who isn’t qualified or lacks proper communication skills is causing a risk at your facilities, cannot interact your residents the way you expect and opens the facility up for all kinds of liabilities. Bank management creates consistency of staff who see your residents and quality is easily monitored by you.

What Next?

Meet one of our consultants to take you through our recruitment processes and procedures to show you how this is achieved.