I have just finished my qualification. Are my clinical placement hours enough experience to join Aktrapid?

If you are a PCA or PSA you are required to have at least 6 months paid Australian experience to join Aktrapid. If you are a recent EEN or RN graduate, please contact Aktrapid as we may be able to help you gain some experience.

How much and when will I get paid?

While pay rates can vary slightly from facility to facility, you can rest assured that Aktrapid always pays their staff according to the aged care and nursing industry award rules. Aktrapid pays weekly on a Wednesday for the previous week. All timesheets need to be submitted via mail, email or fax on a Monday for processing.

How do I book a nurse?

Call us! Aktrapid has a trained consultant manning the phones 24/7 so you will never get an answering machine. We also take online, email, SMS and fax booking for clients we have worked with before.

Do I have to come to the Aktrapid office for an interview
or can I register online?

Yes you do need to visit the Aktrapid office for a formal interview. We need to get to know you so that we know which of our clients you might be suitable for and to administer a medication calculations test if you are an RN or EEN. You will also need to pick up your new ID badge and time sheet book.

Will all the shifts you give me be on
short notice?

Some of our shifts are short notice on-call while some are booked days, weeks and even months in advance. If you can help your consultant out by attending short notice shifts, you will find that you will be offered the advanced notice shifts. The more you help us the more we will help you!

How many shifts per week will I get?

This will vary each week depending on which shifts you are available for and when the facilities near you happen to make their bookings. We are very busy at the moment and have been able to offer all our EEN’s and RN’s as many shifts as they would like to work.

Does Aktrapid work with hospitals?

Yes, Aktrapid works with several private hospitals and some rural/remote public hospitals.

Can I just come in any time to register
or do I need an appointment?

Unfortunately we do not register walk-ins as this would not be fair to applicants who have followed the correct steps and obtained an interview time. If you would like to register please submit your resume online. If you have suitable experience, one of our consultants will be in touch to arrange an interview time. You are more than welcome to follow up your application with a phone call if you would like to make sure we received it.